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Insulation Concepts

In most countries, buildings use one third of all energy consumed and two thirds of all electricity (summer and winter). Due to the high energy usage, buildings are a major source for pollution that reduces urban air quality and adding pollutants which directly, or, indirectly contribute to climate changes.

Energy consumption in buildings accounts for 49 percent of sulfur dioxide emissions, 25 percent of nitrous oxide emissions, and 10 percent of particulate emissions.

Understanding how heat is transferred, how heat is gained in buildings, and how we losing heat in winter, is essentials for making the right insulation choice. AEROLAMâ„¢ provides you with a unique opportunity to understand heat flow while considering your location, climate and purpose. With better understanding about heat, we, the customers can make better choices. In our world, better choices will have positive effect on our environment, our comfort level our energy bills, and our future existence in this wonderful world!