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Performance Concepts
  • Thin, light-weight yet great insulation power.
  • Confirmed and tested thermal resistance = R value
  • Recognized Thermal performance R value= 3.72 m²K/W (AEROLAM™)
  • Low emissivity surfaces (e=0.03), reflecting 97% of radiation heat.
  • Thermo-cellular air bubbles (low K) to control convection and conduction heat
  • Impermeable 100% impermeable to air and water
  • High Resistance treatment to the aluminum surface, reducing possible corrosion over time.
  • Not affected by solvents, grease, roofing frame treatments (solvent or aqueous solutions)
  • Zero moisture absorption. Acting as vapor barrier when required!
  • 15 to 20% Hygrometry reduction in the hygrometry rate
  • Effective Noise reduction. (Actual noise reduction varies per products and application)
  • Temperature stability from -50 °C to +110°C
  • Long life: insulating power remains constant over time
  • 10 to 15 years product warranty